Frequently Asked Questions

How many students do you enroll?

We do not take more than 22 students. The State has approved up to 26 children, because of the square footage of the classroom, but we plan for 20 students in order to be able to provide individual attention to each child.

How many teachers do you have?

We have two full-time teachers: the head teacher and an assistant. A traveling physical education teacher comes in one day a week, as does a French teacher. Three volunteer reading mentors also are part of the program. We include our after school provider in the school, because the program is an extension of the day. The after school activities continue in the classroom and are available from 3:30PM to 5:30PM.

How long has Nora Dunfee worked at the School?

Head Teacher Nora Dunfee has worked at the Rancocas Friends School for 46 years.

How long has Suzanne Banister worked at the School?

Assistant Teacher Suzanne Banister has worked at the Rancocas Friends School for 7 years.

What time can I drop off my child?

The School opens at 8:00AM. Children may come at this time.

How much does the School cost?

Tuition is lower than most private, independent or Friends Schools. We feel it is important to provide an affordable tuition to young families looking for the best educational foundation for their child.

Do the children bring snack and lunch?

Yes.  Half-day and full-day students need to bring a snack. Full-day students also need to bring lunch. We have provisions to keep food refrigerated and heated, if necessary.

Do you have nap time? How long?

Yes. The planned afternoon nap is an hour. This time period includes preparing for rest and a story.

Do you have recess?

Yes, playtime is a learning time, too. Weather permitting, we are outside an hour, sometimes longer. The time is after the structured half day and before the afternoon program begins. We allow time in the classroom if the weather is bad.

Why don't you have a fence?

The playground boundaries are constantly reinforced and the children are always supervised. Play areas are well-defined and away from the traffic areas.

What do the children wear?

Normal play clothes, weather-appropriate and an extra change of clothes is kept in their personal cubbies.

Do you go on trips?

Yes, we try to go places the children don’t go to on a regular basis, such as the zoo or pumpkin picking. However, we do not exclude charming little farm tours that may have pumpkins. Parents are chaperones and drivers on most occasions. There are times we may travel on a bus.

The Rancocas Friends School is under the Governance of Rancocas Friends Meeting and Member of Friends Council on Education from Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.